Orbis Academy Opening

Orbis Academy Opening


We are pleased to announce the opening of our long-term educational initiative, the Orbis Academy. We will delve into the various topics involved in zk-rollups and provide a crash-course on subjects ranging from zero-knowledge proofs to scaling solutions to governance.

The Academy will consist of both a weekly series of threads and a weekly series of Twitter Spaces calls spanning over the course of 5 months.

  • Thread: Wednesday - 2PM UTC
  • Call: Following Monday - 4PM UTC

The Orbis Academy will be made up of 5 month-long modules detailed below.

  • Module 1: Zero-Knowledge Proofs
  • Module 2: Scaling Solutions
  • Module 3: Modular Blockchains
  • Module 4: Cardano
  • Module 5: Orbis

Each week, there will be an extensive Twitter thread on a topic that will go into detail about the technologies we are using to build Orbis and the many applications of these technologies. Here is a link to our most recent thread on zk-SNARKs.

There will also be a Twitter Spaces community call on the topic for that week. The calls will consist of two halves, the first which will be a 30 minute talk/lecture on the topic and the second which will be opened ended for community questions and comments. We look forward to this section as we will also provide updates on the general state of development of Orbis and our progress towards launch.

We look forward to going along this educational journey with you all. Zero-knowledge proofs have the potential to significantly improve scalability and privacy in blockchain and we are committed to building the first general-purpose layer 2 zk-rollup protocol for Cardano.