A summary on the FRI low degree test

A summary on the FRI low degree test


Orbis Labs is excited to announce the release of our new paper: “A summary on the FRI low degree test.” This paper is a roundup of information about the Fast Reed-Solomon Interactive Oracle Proof of Proximity (FRI).

FRI is a zero-knowledge proof protocol invented by Ben-Sasson et al. FRI is used to prove that a given sequence of numbers is close to the image p(X) for some pre-specified multiplicative subgroup X of the scalar field and some low degree polynomial p. FRI is the basis of many zero-knowledge proving protocols, including STARKs. Our summary is mostly literature review with an improved soundness analysis over the one in the ethSTARK documentation.

We're all very excited to continue developing the technology behind Orbis and share it with the Cardano community. We look forward to our future publications which will further outline the techniques and technologies we are using to build Orbis, the first general purpose layer 2 scaling solution for Cardano.


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